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Terramin Clay Tablets

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Product Description

Terramin Clay
A California Living Clay

250 tablets - $36.95

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay Powder
2 in 1 Mega-Mineral Supplement
Internal Cleanser

Terramin Benefits:

Rich in Calcium and Trace Minerals
Aids Digestion and Metabolism
Longevity and Weight Control
Increases Energy and Stamina

Both human and animal ingestion of calcium montmorillonite minerals have been an accepted practice throughout the world for many years. Calcium montmorillonite mineral deposits have been used by Native American healers for centuries as an internal and external healing agent. The Native Americans would use mineral rich clay on open wounds and for stomach or intestinal distress. The key to these healing benefits is the natural form in which these minerals are found.

Montmorillonite belongs to the smectite group of clays. There are two types of montmorillonite, sodium and calcium. Sodium montmorillonite is commonly known as bentonite; the name is derived from the location of the first commercial deposit mined at Fort Benton, Wyoming USA. Bentonite principally consists of sodium montmorillonite in combination with 10 to 20% of various mineral impurities such as feldspars, calcite, silica, gypsum, etc. Sodium montmorillonite clays are the industrial clays used in things like: plaster, oil well drilling mud, cat litter, matches, cement tiles, lubricating grease, paints, copy paper, dynamite, shoe polish, concrete, cleaning agents, wall boards, crayons, and bleaching agents to mention a few.

Calcium montmorillonite, the second type of montmorillonite, is also known as "living clay" for it principally consists of minerals that enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms. California Earth Minerals calcium montmorillonite is called Terramin. It is the preferred choice to use for soil, plants, animals and humans, especially when ingested hence "edible clays."

Benefits of calcium montmorillonite minerals have been documented in research conducted by many scientists and leading universities. Dr. B. H. Ershoff, from the University of Southern California School of Medicine, conducted research for NASA which demonstrated the growth promoting properties of calcium montmorillonite minerals in cattle. Dr. Quisenberry, from Texas A & M, researched the beneficial effects of calcium montmorillonite clays when fed to many farm animals including horses, pigs, chickens etc. Neva Jensen, a nationally known nutrition expert wrote a book on Terramin called "The Healing Power of Living Clay," explaining how the nutrients in certain clays are assimilated in our bodies. The US Department of Fish and Wildlife conducted similar studies on trout fish on the Snake River in Hagerman, Idaho revealing the same health promoting effects. All of these studies were specific to Terramin.

The benefits of Terramin are due to the mineral content or trace elements which are vital to the cellular functions of all forms of living creatures. Perfect health can only be obtained by a diet which supplies a proper balance of essential nutrients. Trace mineral elements are necessary for vitamins and enzymes to function. Without enzymes the body can not activate certain chemical processes like digestion or the synthesis of proteins within cells.

For example:

  • A trace of Copper is needed for the synthesis of hemoglobin
  • A trace of Cobalt is needed to make vitamin B-12
  • A trace of Zinc is needed by the pancreas to manufacture insulin

However, modern agricultural practices jeopardize our health. Our farming techniques use the soil over and over for high yield mass production, depleting the soil and the crops of vital essential elements. As soil health declines, crop health falters and farmers become increasingly reliant upon synthetic petroleum-based fertilizers to artificially replenish the soil with nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium (NPK); only three essential elements. The tradeoff for adding synthetic enhancers is that the living soil remains deprived of naturally occurring bacteria that produce nitrogen, thus the soil is dying and crops actually become dependent on artificial fertilizer to sustain life. Aquifers are now contaminated with nitrates that were leached from farmlands. The combination of leaching from rain and irrigation, overuse of the land, and chemical fertilizers deteriorates the level of nutrients in our soil. As a result, most of the food grown is deficient in trace mineral elements. The few trace mineral elements that remain are removed during processing, for example in the milling of wheat.

Studies have shown that there is a relationship between human malnutrition and the depletion of trace elements in the soil. According to the USDA, we would have to eat 75 bowls of spinach in order to get the same amount of iron as one bowl eaten in 1948. As a result, malnutrition exists in 57% of US citizens over the age of 65! To slow (and eventually reverse) this malnutrition trend, we need to look more closely at nature and learn a more complete picture of health.

Animals are instinctively selective about the types of minerals they will ingest, shunning sedimentary minerals in favor of mineral deposits formed by igneous hydrothermal activity. Extensive studies with cattle, horses, pigs, fish, chickens and other animals have shown that the volume of food intake is less when mineral supplements are added to their diet. Additional benefits are noted as well, for example, increases in butter fat and milk output are documented from dairy cows. These improvements have been found in all studies using a specific type of calcium montmorillonite.

Not all calcium montmorillonite is the same. In order to absorb the trace elements, these elements must be of a small size. Neva Jensen states that Terramin has the advantage of increased exchange properties since the California Earth Minerals calcium montmorillonite deposit has undergone extensive hydrothermal exposure. These favorable properties were created naturally from igneous activity deep in the fissures of the earth, bringing boiling water to the surface of the earth, and creating extensive pools of bubbling mud. These bubbling pools churn the calcium montmorillonite, adding beneficial trace minerals and breaking down the larger size parent material. Over a long period of time this activity brings about complete fragmentation or crystallization and hydrolysis of the clay making it readily available for absorption.

Mineral deposits formed by igneous activity in bubbling mudpots have a calcium magnesium complex which can be activated by a +1 or -1 of a hydrogen or oxygen ion. Minerals are found throughout North America, however, Terramin is found in a region where the rainfall is minimal, moisture is non-existent, and temperature consistently high. This combination of arid conditions keeps the ion in an 'open ion state' that is more usable. Deposits which are found in Northern areas where there is rain, snowfall and leaching are not as likely to be found in an 'open ion state,' thereby being of lower quality and grade. The negative ion charge is best used by the body for detoxification purposes. All toxins are positively charged. In nature, opposites attract. Thus, the negative ions attract the toxins' positive ions, facilitating the movement of toxins through the kidneys or lymphatic system to a site of normal excretion of the toxins.

Terramin can help to improve our health; from replenishing our soil with vital essential elements, to improving the vitality of our plant and animal foods, and by removing toxins from our bodies. Native Americans knew this. Animals instinctively know this. Scientific, medical and agricultural research has proven this.

The Secret to Longevity

The Tibetans in Western China, the Hunzas in Eastern Pakistan, the Georgians in Western Russia, the Armenians, the Abkhazians and the Azerbaijanis, the Vilcabamba in Ecuador, and the Titicaca in Peru routinely live to be 120 or even 140 years old, according to Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Joel Wallach. What is more, these people don't live in nursing homes, they live full, productive and enjoyable lives.

The reason for their longevity is that they inhabit high altitude areas where the soil contains abundant amounts of montmorillonite clay deposits, a mixture of minerals from volcanic ashes and ancient oceanic sediment consisting of seaweed, algae and other calciferous marine life that are believed to have been brought to the surface by volcanic actions.

Thanks to the montmorillonite, which soil experts value as an exceptionally good agricultural enhancement, their crops taste better, grow faster, and are more resistant to diseases. The balance of natural colloidal minerals, including the essential trace minerals present in montmorillonite are easy to assimilate and enhance the production of enzymes in all living organisms.

Dr. Edward Howell, the father of modern enzyme research, proposed that enzyme deficiency is a significant cause of premature aging and the development of numerous degenerative diseases.

Similarly, plants grown on impoverished soil, deficient of minerals and nutrients, are more vulnerable to damage from insects and diseases and produce little more than malnourished bodies. Dr. D. W. Cavanaugh of Cornell University, writes: "There is only one major disease and that is malnutrition."

Chemical fertilizers gained a stronghold in American agriculture after it was discovered at the turn of the century (20th) that plants fed with the scientific trinity NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium) could survive and look fairly good. However, 40 years later, concerned ecologists and agriculturists were able to prove that plant vulnerability to fungus and insects was caused by chemical toxins and the lack of proper nutrients in the soil, leading to more and more crop loss.

For optimum health the human body requires more than 70 minerals. Dr. Jensen, the author of the book Empty Harvestand other authorities on the subject agree that it would be fairly easy to put these desperately needed minerals back into the soil.

Mineral rich polyfloramin, also known as humic shale, found in a primeval forest at the Wasatch mountain range in southern Utah, is possibly the most important bio-available soil supplement on planet earth.

Completely organic and natural polyfloramin also referred to as colloidal soil contains far more than NPK. Many, if not all, identifiable trace elements are found in this remarkable remnant of prehistoric humus matter. Colloidal soil can actually boost the content of vitamins, minerals and enzymes in plants, thus benefiting every entity from the plants themselves, to animals and people.

Colloidal soil works in harmony with, and encourages, proper pH balance, humus content, micro-organisms, NPK, water, sunlight and all great growing practices to create the most delicious and nutritious food possible.

This same colloidal soil has been used for over 70 years to produce colloidal minerals for man and beast, which have been proven effective in halting and reversing degenerative disease. Colloidal soil has been used by pioneers for almost a century in food production and by the native Indians for who knows how long before that to fertilize their corn, squash and other crops.

Colloidal soil, when added to other growing medium becomes the final link in restoring the complete electrical process between soil, plant, animal and human. It is also beneficial in restoring land from the effects of pollution, increase crop yields, reduce or destroy mold, fungus, viruses and parasites. It even minimizes crop failure due to extreme weather or radical temperature shifts.

The best book about colloidal soil is "Rare Earth, Forbidden Cure" by Dr. Joel Wallach. It examines the effects of depleted soils on the health of the human race. Additional information on the subject of mineral supplementation for the soil is to be found in The Secret Life of Plants and Secrets of the Soil by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird.

Unless our depleted soils are restored with proper nutrients on a massive scale, continued erosion and increases in chronic and acute diseases are inevitable. We can counteract this to a certain extent by ingesting these much needed nutrients directly, in the form of dense green chlorophyll rich foods and mineral supplementation.

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