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Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth (Two)

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Ancient Secret of the
Fountain of Youth
Book One
by Peter Kelder

$12.95 - Hardcover - 106 pages


The international bestselling book that reveals the secret of youthful health and vitality, expanded to include the newly discovered "Lost Chapter.

Can five ancient Tibetan rites really make you look and feel years younger?

It's the late 1920s in colonial India.

Driven by a seemingly irrational wish, an aging British Army officer embarks upon an adventure of discovery that leads to forbidden Tibet—an ancient land obscured by centuries of isolation; a land of wonder, where miraculous feats are a part of everyday life. There, in the shadows of the earth's tallest mountains, he stumbles on the hidden Shangri-La, a mysterious place without time where people age but somehow never grow old.

So begins Peter Kelder's chronicle of Colonel Bradford, whose extraordinary adventure brings him back to the West years later at age 73, looking and acting like a man of 45!

How did he accomplish this remarkable feat of rejuvenation? The secret, says Bradford, is a series of five ancient Tibetan exercises, which anyone can perform in a matter of minutes. These simple exercises—which he calls the Five Rites—restore youthful health and vitality by balancing and harmonizing invisible energy vortexes within the body.

"In this book you will be introduced to ideas, techniques, and wisdom that can empower you, enhance your health, increase your joy of living, and cause you to live longer. However, you won't notice that you're living longer. You'll be too busy enjoying life and living it fully."

From the Foreword by Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.
author of Love, Medicine and Miracles

Some Testimonials:

Look Younger

"Recently a friend of mine began to look much younger, and his full gray beard began to turn a lovely shade of brown. Upon questioning, he told me about the fountain of youth book. Since I started doing the Five Rites, here's what's happened to me: My insomnia and eczema have disappeared completely. My hot flashes said good-bye (I'm fifty-three). After twenty-five years of bifocals, I no longer need glasses. And my eyes have turned a lovely shade of blue, like twenty-five years ago. I feel like I'm sixteen again, but I'm going to miss my lovely silver hair. It's the only thing I liked about being older."
—Ida Schultz, Salt Lake City, UT

Hair Turns Dark

"The Five Rites seemed like a good exercise program, but frankly, I didn't believe all the wild claims. I am now midway into my fourth week, and for the past eight or so days have noticed my 'pretty' silver-gray hair turning black! I know this sounds crazy, but it's happening right before my eyes. This is weird, but I'm sold on your program."
—L. C. Nolte, Pasadena, TX

Better Memory

"At age eighty-three I had lost all interest in life. I was thinking of putting myself in a home, and I didn't think I would live much longer. Then I discovered your book about the Five Rites. I have been doing them only a short time, but already my memory has improved 50 percent, and I feel so much more alive. Everyone tells me I am looking younger all the time. Thanks to the Five Rites, I am a completely different person now, and am continuing to improve. Everyone should read this book."
—E. B. K. Miller, Buxton, NC

Arthritis Relief

"I had rheumatoid arthritis & was beginning to lose my ability to walk, as my feet and knees had been affected. I also had lots of back pain. I was in such bad shape. Now I can walk several miles & no longer have pain. I believe I would have been in a wheelchair today, if it were not for your book."
—Janet Matson, Waynesboro, VA

Vision Improvement

"In just one week's time, I've noticed a great improvement in my vision, something I regard as remarkable. Another amazing thing—my hands, which looked very, very old, now look better than they have in ten years."
—Ruth D. Hall, Carson, CA

Energy, Lasting Power

"I used to drag myself half asleep to class in the morning. After I do the rites, though, I feel refreshed and alert, even looking forward to my studies. Also, I'd been working out for quite some time with only mediocre results. Since starting the rites, I've noticed a dramatic improvement in my performance and an increase in how much I can lift. I'm not sure I buy the metaphysical explanation, but I am sure that the Five Rites work— Thank you."
—Mark Perkins, Lansing, MI

Weight Loss

"Everything this book claims is true. I haven't been sick for one and a half years—not even a cold. Without even trying I went from 179 lbs. to 149. My energy level has risen 100 percent. I don't come home from work dead tired anymore. Although I'm fifty-eight years old, I could pass for early forties. Yours is the best book I have ever purchased."
—John Olson III, Milpitas, CA

Pain Relief

"Before, I had so many aches and pains: knee pain, shoulder pain, migraines. Now I very seldom have headaches, my knee pain is gone, I never have colds, my sexual ability has been rekindled, and I receive many compliments from people who tell me I look much younger than my age."
—Casimiro Sanbollo, Honolulu, HI

About the author:

Peter Kelder was raised by adoptive parents in the midwestern United States, and while still in his teens he left home to embark on adventures that took him around the world to many distant and exotic lands. He became an educated, polished, and articulate man, conversant in many languages, and throughout his life he maintained a love of books, libraries, words, and poetry.

Kelder asserts that Colonel Bradford—the pseudonym for his book's main character—was a real individual who did travel to Tibet and whom he did meet in the 1930s in southern California where his book was written.

However, Kelder is an intensely private man who does not wish to reveal more to the public than these brief details. He feels that his book speaks for itself and that issues concerning himself and Colonel Bradford can serve only to detract from the validity of the simple, straightforward message which is his offering to the world.

While he does not reveal when he was born, Mr. Kelder is very much alive, well, and productive today, nearly sixty years after his book was first published.

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